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Greenwich, CT

A 21 unit phased waterfront townhouse project with a small marina was designed for a remediated oil depot site.  Project management included all approvals for design development of a complicated project from schematics to construction documents as well as oversight of the remediation. A number of separate federal, state and local governmental jurisdictions had to be coordinated and satisfied by a number of technical consultants. An appropriate Request For Proposals (RFP), bidding and contracting strategy was tailored to suit the Owner’s marketing and financial interests.

Bidder testimonials:

Our most recent experience with Chandler was as one of the bidders on a large technically complex townhouse waterfront project. The bid process and documentation was extremely through and organized. The manner in which that process was conducted was extremely professional and fair. Chandler went out of their way to make sure the owners’ intent was adequately expressed in the plans and specifications. It is always a pleasure to work with Chandler; their team approach adds a tremendous value for their clients. 

Steven H. LoParco


At all times Steve has shown the utmost professionalism in his dealings with my firm, subcontractors and clients alike.

August Pappajohn II


I have had the opportunity to see up close how they manage a project and the level of professionalism they bring to the table.  I have been in the construction industry for 28 years. All too often we are provided with bid documents which are incomplete creating a project friction that could have been avoided by careful planning in the pre-bid stages.

I have come to appreciate first-hand Chandler’s commitment to laying the proper groundwork for a project where the problems are dealt with up front. That is not easy in the construction industry.  I have been impressed by their ability to ask the right questions they are extremely thorough in their approach so that nothing is left to fall through the cracks.

Apart from the technical side of their work, Chandler is also committed to the concept of developing relationships based on mutual trust, respect, and understanding so that everyone involved in a project can be part of a winning team.

I would highly recommend them to any owner. The added value they bring to a project by being involved from the earliest stages should not be underestimated, both in terms of real dollars that can be saved during construction as well as the peace of mind that comes from well organized project planning.

Paul Hirsh

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