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Litchfield County, CT

For 14 years for this client Chandler provided on-going services for multiple projects starting with initial design and development of this estate on 46 acre site.  While “Green” was not a stated objective, good traditional design and commonsense incorporated many features that are now requirements of Green rating programs.

A new house of Georgian design with companion orangerie joined by classical English garden was set in understated landscaping preserving the country setting.  The carefully planned driveway crosses a stream over a wooden timber bridge and winds through woods up a steep hill to break into an open field through an opening in restored stone walls. A dramatic view of the house set on the hill above is the reward of this carefully designed and constructed approach.

Project Management Services

A diverse team of professionals was managed and coordinated to achieve a successful project. Professional owner representation provided the owner with options to make clear cut decisions distilled from complex information. Foresight and planning accomplished documented cost savings well in excess of 10 times the fee for services

  • Conceptual budgets and schedules served as yardsticks to meet Owner objectives
  • A wooden prefabricated bridge was chosen for reasons of the environment, time and cost, as well as for aesthetics. The results satisfied all objectives and the bridge has become a local landmark
  • A geothermal heating and cooling system was recommended for both energy savings as well as to take advantage of an early incentive program
  • A contracting strategy was established to allow Owner through the project manager to separately contract and manage construction of bridge and road saving fees from general contractor selected for house and out buildings.

Client Testimonial

My project to build my home was at a stalemate with several significant issues to be resolved when I hired Chandler in 1995. They participated in the design process with my design team looking at the practicality of various proposed alternatives. They created and led a productive collaborative process that continued with the bidding and execution of construction. Work included much site development and access issues to reach a site across a stream and up a steep hill to the site. They found unique and cost effective solutions effectively managing and coordinating all the design professionals and contractors. They saved multiples of the total of their fees. I valued and continued our relationship on subsequent projects for the next 14 years. I highly recommend their services.”

Tom Pearsall

Photos by Shekaiba Wakili Bennett

Residence - Litchfield County Residence - Litchfield County