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Bronxville, New York

Christ Church of Bronxville New York engaged Chandler in 2008 to assist in developing program for significant renovations to their 1901 Landmarked church.  An important component was the purchase and pending installation of a new pipe organ requiring heating, cooling and humidity control in the solid masonry sanctuary.  The thermal and weather integrity of the entire complex of buildings had been compromised gradually over the years with deferred maintenance or interim fixes. The existing steam heating had many problems.

Project Management

Renovation of Christ Church focused in repairing and modernizing systems.  Chandler assigned a project manager with environmental and mechanical engineering degrees with field experience:

  • Installation of a new pipe organ, requiring careful control of heat and humidity parameters
  • Detailed assessment and diagnosis of existing conditions
  • Repair and improvement of existing heating and cooling systems. Both passive and mechanical cooling was employed
  • The systems also had to condition the remaining church areas and related and connected building and offices
  • Extensive demolition, asbestos removal and architectural reconstruction were required
  • Construction tasks required dust suppression coordinated with church functions
  • Complete restoration of weather and thermal integrity
  • Exterior repair of slate and copper roof while maintaining precision and attention to old-world craftsmanship
  • Use of imported lime grout slurry to regain integrity of the exterior stone walls by filling voids
  • The project was tasked and scoped for all items of work and updated weekly in the process of constant discovery
  • The result was a complete master working project management package that included schedules, estimates and budgets with cost reduction options

The project was completed on time for the inauguration of the organ for the 2009 Christmas service.

The church, pre-school, office and apartment remained open and in full delivery during renovations.


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Excellence in Historic Preservation Award

A renovation project for the landmarked church managed by Chandler of Greenwich, CT received an Excellence in Historic Preservation Award by The League of Preservation of New York State on May 16, 2012 at the New York Yacht Club in Manhattan . The church, designed by Bertram G. Goodhue, was completed in 1926.

The award states: “a global view of environmental stewardship, storm water management, reducing energy use, reinstating the natural climate control features - the project team has set a fine example for other practitioners”.

Other team members also received awards : Christ Church, owners ; Architect, Walter Sedovic, Modern Ruins ; Contractor, Brenner Builders, .

The project is a positive example of how the Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) approach with constructive collaboration between design and construction can achieve excellent results particularly for building retrofits.