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Litchfield County, CT

Chandler is good at challenges and resolving issues.

We were hired to both program and plan a complex high quality project with several significant inter-related components: house and other buildings, extensive site work, mile long access road up 20% slope, and most critically a bridge that had not yet been designed and had to be in place within four months from approved design.

Access to site had to be secured with a bridge over a stream at the bottom of a deep gorge. Conservation Commission approval requirements were minimum site disturbance with no permanent restriction or damage to the watercourse and vegetation. The bridge had to intercept a steep slope at a precise elevation on a steep slope for a roadway that was already under construction for a mile long drive ascending to the site. The project had to be completed before the ground froze.  If not completed by Christmas, construction of a house and other work on the upper site would be delayed for months and critical long lead deliveries would have to be canceled. The delay would be expensive.

Chandler quickly researched a number of options. A company in North Carolina was sourced. It would custom design and prefabricate a timber bridge for shipment and erection on site by their crews. The bridge would be constructed by advancing the bridge deck as piles were driven from above. Impact to the pristine stream environment was negligible. The very strict local conservation commission unanimously approved the project and endorsed the results.

Effective project management by Chandler coordinated the design team (owner, architect, landscape architect, soils engineer, civil engineer) with the bridge company and other contractors to reach an early design solution.

Chandler services allowed the Owner to contract independently and in advance of the house construction coincidentally saving significant fees. It also made possible quick reaction to changing site conditions, time and weather constraints. The bridge was selected for the cover article in a subsequent issue of the Bridge Builder Magazine.  The bridge has become a local landmark.

Bridge Construction Completed Bridge