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Chandler is a boutique firm that excels in and enjoys creating unique solutions. We limit the number of projects under management at any one time.

You have our full attention

  • We provide specialized service precisely tailored to the needs of our clients
  • Our size and experience allows us to focus all of our internal expertise on each project
  • Our education, experience and training give us a unique holistic project perspective, your perspective as the owner
  • We believe as stewards for our client we must continually add value. We will be the first to tell you when we cannot

Your Cost savings

Our service creates value for our clients in management efficiency. It allows you, as our client, to keep your attention on the project decisions that advance your business interests, not the energy draining tasks of constant coordination and attention. That alone saves energy and costs. You remain focused on your core business.

More directly, our clients attest to the fact that savings in project costs well exceed our fees.

High performance or “Green” development can save in two significant ways:

  • Incentives can offset project costs by as much as 30%
  • We can demonstrate 30-50% in ongoing energy savings

It makes common sense to explore these options. Together they provide attractive paybacks:

  • Studies report Indirect additional benefits:
    • 10% increase in building value
    • 6% increase in adjusted occupancy rates
    • Healthy buildings increase productivity 10%
    • Distinct marketing edge
    • Being ahead of the curve of new energy and health regulations

Chandler can show and guide our clients on these paths to bottom line advantages.

Our talents are uniquely grounded in both education and with “boots on the ground” work in the field that includes architecture, engineering, environmental science and construction. Our experience, skills and expertise “cover the waterfront” on these issues.

Project Delivery Systems

Chandler has a history of creating innovative relationships. We have a vetted list of professionals and resources to make each project a success. We design the project delivery system to suit your needs.

The approach to real estate development:  the planning, design and construction of building projects is changing. A new dimension has recently emerged - creating High Performance (“Green”) healthy buildings.

In the same way that airplanes evolved from box kites to supersonic flight, we are now engaged in a transformation in how we produce buildings. The traditional Design-Bid-Build model does not work so well in this new approach. It takes much more time, is likely to cost more and to provide inferior results.

Energy efficiency and health are increasingly in demand. They are the result of a disciplined process whether or not a Green rating is sought. Energy savings and a healthy building are best achieved with a Whole Building Science approach .This approach is a holistic view and balance of the relationship of components to create a unity of purpose in the end product that can and should be consistent with good architecture.

The best path to this goal is building a prequalified team of professionals for an Integrated Design Process. The team driving this process includes the owner, project manager, architect, engineers and the contractor.

Financing is an option that can be added to this approach. Accurate estimating, budgeting and scheduling must be included at every step. There are ways that the professional team can be vested in the performance and deliver a Turnkey Project.

The Retrofit of older buildings is particularly well suited to this option.


  • We are grounded in the principles and practice of servant leadership
  • Our role is to serve those we lead to allow them to maximize their performance to the benefit of our clients
  • We do so with humility, integrity, respect and cooperation
  • Our approach releases a symbiosis in the project team that creates energy and opportunity
  • Human values are the engine for success
  • We are often described as the symphony conductor
Chandler Advantage
Benefits of green building
Benefits: Real Direct and Potential Value

Building Design and Construction,

April 28, 2009

U.S. commercial building market, which includes 70 billion square feet of space and represents one of the largest opportunities for energy savings, reduction of carbon emissions, and increased property values.

Pike Research 2Q 2009, "Energy Efficiency Retrofits for Commercial and Public Buildings,"

“High-performance green building space experiences lower vacancy rates and commands a premium price, compared to conventional space,” says managing director Clint Wheelock.

The Dollars and Sense of Green Retrofits'

By GreenerBuildings Staff
Published August 1, 2008

Companies that pass up a chance to green their existing commercial buildings may never recover from the losses resulting from greater operating costs, lower productivity, negative brand image and declining attractiveness to workers, according to a recent study. The study called “The Dollars and Sense of Green Retrofits” was co-authored by green real estate authority and consultant Charles Lockwood and Deloitte.

One hundred percent of respondents experienced an increase in goodwill/brand equity. "The value of green retrofitting helps demonstrate that sustainability is rapidly becoming a critical business strategy," said Chris Park, leader of Deloitte’s Enterprise.